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Dental implants are the evolution of dentistry. It is invented to replace the loss of natural teeth due to tooth decay, gum disease or accidents etc. The implant is made of titanium. It is shaped like a tooth root. 

It will be deposited on the jaw bone, which will gradually adhere to the bone within 2-4 months, then return to place the abutment and crown on the implant. The dentist will design the shape. and the color of the crown on the implant as close to the patient's natural teeth as possible and no side effects on the remaining teeth The implant has a long service life. Efficient chewing similar to natural teeth. can eat all kinds of food without causing annoyance Don't worry in front of a lot of people. and also helps with pronunciation

In addition, dentures do not harm nearby teeth and gums. Reduce dissolution of bone ridges that support dentures easy to clean teeth Easy maintenance and have a beauty that is equal to natural teeth As a result, dental implants became popular. accepted and are more likely to replace dental bridges Because doing a dental bridge will cause the loss of adjacent natural teeth. A dental bridge is an extension of the tooth that is above the gum line. Over time, the bone that supports the root of the extracted tooth gradually dissolves. causing atrophy of the bones in that area especially the upper front teeth when the bone melts will change the face structure and look older than their age But the implant will help maintain the bone that supports the root of the tooth so that the bone in that area does not dissolve and maintains its original condition.

The implant consists of 3 parts:

  1. An implant (Fixture), which is made of titanium metal (Titanium), which is shaped like a tooth root. and will be implanted on the jawbone, which will gradually attach tightly to the jawbone without affecting oral tissue and does not cause any side effects
  2. Abutment or abutment to support the crown After implantation on the jaw bone It takes about 2-4 months for the implant to adhere well to the jaw bone. The abutment is then placed on the implant to serve as a support for the crown.
  3. The crown (crown) is the part on top of the gum. Which is made of ceramic (porcelain) has the shape, appearance and color of the patient's natural teeth.

The procedure for making dental implants is divided into two parts.

Part 1: The process of implantation takes about 7 days, including the follow-up day. But the real planting takes about 1-2 hours. After about 5-7 days therefore came back to check the wound, considered as the completion of the treatment of part 1

Part 2: Procedure for placing teeth on implants This part 2 will take away from part 1 about 3 months (or more) because some people leave it implanted for 6 months, there is no negative effect, it's good again because it will make the implant and the bone stick together very tightly) The treatment time of this part is about 7-10 days, including the delivery process from the lab.

The gap between part 1 and part 2 must be at least 3 months apart because the implant must be firmly attached to the tooth bone. in order not to cause problems with the fall of the implants

*In case of complex bone graft May have to leave the bone for 3-6 months. (In the case of missing a lot of bone) and then start doing part 1 after the completion of the dental implant process. Patients should see a dentist to check the implant regularly every 6 months.


According to various research studies and academic papers, its effectiveness of the implant that can be used as efficiently as really natural teeth They also look so much like natural teeth that they are hard to notice. Implant dentistry suitable for suitable for everyone who lost their permanent teeth without any age limitation that you can still do implants. For the elderly, there is no need to worry that you will not be able to do implants. because the treatment process is not complicated and uncomplicated In addition For the elderly who receive treatment by implant will make the vitality come back again Because you will be able to do daily activities with confidence again. and can eat their favorite food without worry

Advantages of dental implants

  • Eat all kinds of food you like. without worry
  • Can smile with confidence
  • Speak clearly and naturally
  • Increase efficiency in chewing Helps digest food better
  • Helps to restore the structure of the face to be more perfect.
  • Build self-confidence and have a good personality.
  • Enhance the quality of life to be happier.

Interview with Dr. Anon and Dr. Komsak about the origin and concept of initiating dental implants at a price for Thai people.

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The duration of dental implant placement It depends on the number of implanted teeth. Usually implanting 1 tooth takes no more than 30 minutes to complete. But if there are a lot of teeth that need to be implanted, it may take time. Or in the case of bone grafting, it takes a little longer. in order to make the best treatment plan

Implantation is a minor surgery. using anesthesia and from interviews with many dental implant patients In past cases, people say it feels like a tooth extraction. Or some people feel less pain than extraction. Therefore, it does not affect life. no recovery After implants are implanted, they can live a normal life.

It depends on the thickness of the patient's bone. Most of the cases that need bone transplantation are Patients who have lost their teeth leave their teeth lost for a long time, causing the bone to gradually atrophy. Therefore, it is necessary to grow bone before implantation. if speaking visually It is as if we were about to bury a pillar into the ground. If the soil is insufficient, the pillars may fall. Therefore, it must be added to the soil itself.

I have to say that the pain of dental implants is similar to tooth extraction. or maybe even less However, it must depend on the patient. From the experience of implant implants for patients in many cases and from patient interviews after the procedure. Most said with the same voice that less painful than tooth extraction and wisdom teeth removal

*If multiple implants are required It is like having many teeth extracted as well. Of course, post-operative conditions can occur.

*Whenever there is a bone transplant It may be a slight swelling. But after doing it, the results are usually good and worthwhile. Improved life after dental implants

Occlusion of dental implants Close to natural teeth due to implants being implanted into the bone causing the chewing force to go directly to the bone thus making it effective and gives a feeling when chewing food very close to natural teeth

It's not difficult at all. Implant care is the same as natural teeth care. because you can brush your teeth and can floss like natural teeth

Dental implant very durable which if the patient takes good care of cleaning Use floss regularly, brush your teeth clean, and make regular visits to the dentist every time. Always do maintenance checks. It will make the implants able to stay with the patient for a long time. Or forever

The quality of dental implants is the same. Doctor at the clinic is a doctor specializing in dental implants directly Patients can relax and worry.

Can do it normally But it is recommended that there should be a consultation between Personal doctor who takes care of diabetes and a dentist who performs dental implants. together with for the safety of the patient himself

One-day dental implants are done. Really, everyone can do it, but the cost will increase. And most importantly, it depends on the readiness of the patient himself. Because dental implants must be ready in terms of “bones” mainly and there are other factors such as patient cleanliness. Does the patient's occlusion use a lot of force? These factors, the doctor will determine if the patient is suitable to do or not.

The main thing that the patient needs is one time treatment Once done, the implant stays with the patient for a long time. That was a good plan. It's good to do it fast. But what the doctor realizes for the patient is After the implant is done, the patient can actually use it. Can be used for a long time And getting proper treatment is important.

You can eat normally. But it is recommended that in the beginning Should eat soft food first, such as porridge or boiled rice, refrain from eating very hot or spicy food. If you can eat cold food, the better.

Swelling will be slightly less than 1-2 weeks, some people have a little swelling for 1-2 days and it will disappear normally.

But for patients with bone transplantation There may be swelling for more than about 2 weeks, but for some people the wound heals quickly, the swelling will disappear faster. However, it depends on each patient. Because our bodies are not the same.

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