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dental surgery

wisdom tooth extraction

A wisdom tooth is the last molar that cannot emerge normally. It might emerge partly or cannot emerge at all, resulting in rooting itself in the jawbone. A wisdom tooth will come up at the age of 18-20. In case a wisdom tooth is found, dentists will recommend to extract anyway because it cannot emerge afterward if you leave it in. But it can cause problems such as:

  1. Plaque and bacteria formations up in dental cavities.
  2. Adjacent teeth can be decayed easily due to difficulty cleaning.
  3. Bubbles or cyst gum.
  4. Pain, edema, and inflammation.
  5. Gingivitis and jawbones disease.

symptom showing that impacted tooth is emergigng.

  1. Gum pain.
  2. Inflammable infection.
  3. Facial edema.
  4. Edema around extracted tooth area.

Having the impacted tooth extracted in the first stage can avoid side effects.

wisdom tooth extraction procesdure

  1. Dentists will x-ray the oral condition to find the exact position. Oral anesthetic will be injected in found area.
  2. Waiting until anesthetic is effective.
  3. Treatment procedure.
    • Flap operation.
    • Drawing impacted tooth.
    • Suture.
  4. Dentists will give an advice of how to take care of impacted tooth after extraction treatment.

tooth extraction

Tooth extraction will be performed when a tooth is broken. Dentists will recommend to extract, and put denture instead. Here are reasons to extracting a tooth.

  1. A tooth is pretty much decayed which affects pulp.
  2. Gingivitis.
  3. Incurably broken tooth
  4. Impacted tooth.
  5. Preparation for

Suggestions and instructions for wisdom tooth extraction and drawing

  • Massage with a bag of cold ice 30 minutes after treatment.
  • Gnash gauze tightly 1 hour in order to stop the bleeding. Gauze needs to be changed frequently until the blood stops.
  • Avoid using mouth washer within 6 hours after drawing.
  • In case of bleeding, gargle salt water for a while.
  • Do not gargle within 12 hours after drawing.
  • Able to gargle with salt water after 12 hours.
  • Brush your teeth normally, but should be more careful in the performed area.
  • Pap is recommended for your meals during the first 2-3 weeks.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking.
  • Take medicine prescribed by dentists in case there is a pain.

Bone implant

Bone grafts have been receiving more popularity before the patient has artificial roots put in. This is due to the fact that the titanium roots will take up a lot of space in the jawbone area, which could cause decaying of the jawbone after that patient has lost a tooth. Also, in some cases the decaying of the jawbone will have a negative impact on the patients’ facial structure.

In the past, perfecting this process of implanting titanium roots and adjusting the size of the jawbone has proven to be quite difficult. However, the bone grafting procedures have become easier with the advancement of new technology and now can be done without hardly any complications. This, in turn, helps to increase the stability of the titanium roots as well.


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