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A dental crown is a tooth restoration for where the gums have deteriorated so much that there’s no other option. A dental crown can be operated after doing a root canal in order to save the rest gums. I order to do this operation properly, drilling in the tooth and gums is necessary.

A dental crown consists of two types which includes a Full Crown and Partial Crown. A tooth which has already had a root canal mostly has less good dentine and it can be cracked easily. The tooth should be covered by making a dental crown together with the Post and Core especially the ones that are very small such as front and premolar teeth.

dental bridge or fixed denture

dental bridge

A dental bridge is a denture which is similar to a real tooth. When performing a dental bridge, the teeth on the sides will be drilled out to build up a strong base. There is also a Pontic used to replace the broken tooth.

3 dental bridges

1. normal dental bridges

A normal dental bridge consists of different crowns depending on each patient’s needs. Pontic is an option used to replace the broken tooth and hold the crown with the adjacent one. This dental crown is quite popular.


Only one adjacent tooth will be held for this dental bridge.


Maryland bridge or resin-bond bridge is a wing-like metal dental bridge used to hold the back side of the adjacent teeth.

3 materials used to perform a dental crown and dental bridge

  1. Ceramic and metal
  2. Entire ceramic
  3. Entire metal (Gold)

A ceramic-mixed metal and metal dental crown or dental bridge will have the most natural color. Most dentists recommend using ceramic-mixed metal with the molars as they are very strong for chewing. The entire ceramic one is used for the front teeth thanks to its natural color.


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